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Mathematical Introduction for Physics and Engineering
by Samuel Dagan (Copyright © 2007-2020)

Index D

D'Alambert test for convergence(

decimal presentation of a number

decreasing function

definite integral

denominator of a ratio


Descartes(folium of)

determinant definition, characteristics, evaluation

differentiability of function


differential equations - introduction

differential equations - simple cases:
  1. derivative as function of the independent variable: d n y d x n = f n ( x )
  2. separation of variables: dy dx = f y ( y ) f x ( x )
  3. missing independent variable: F 1 ( y, dy dx ,...., d n y d x n )=0
  4. missing dependent variable: F 1 ( x, dy dx ,...., d n y d x n )=0


dimensions physical, see physical dimensions

directrix of a parabola

discontinuity of a function

distance between 2 points(


divergence to of a

division of polynomials