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Math Animated™
Mathematical Introduction for Physics and Engineering
by Samuel Dagan (Copyright © 2007-2020)

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History of MathAnimated

Mathanimated is technically based on non-propirety open standards, developed at W3C. This makes the mateial at low cost and even free of charge.

For development I needed good graphical display with animations and means of presenting the mathematical expressions nicely. In the begining of the milenium the W3C recommendations SVG for graphics and MathML (Math Markup language) for mathematical expressions were well existing as recommendations Only SVG had gained some support in browsers.

MathAnimated 1 came out in 2005, which covered calculus of one variable.

In 2010 Firefox provided support for SVG and MathML, and MathAnimated 2 was released, with many variables calculus.

Now, in 2020 Firefox and Safari support MathML, and Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera give good support for SVG.

The next step should be development of a version of MathAnimated with MathJax, and thus enabling the use of browsers that do not support MathML.

You may also view my contribution to SVG conference in Zurich in 2012. How to plot any functions of one variable and how to project a 3 dimensional object to a 2 dimentional plane.

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